FTA relaxes VAT return dates

The FTA has changed the timeline for filing the first VAT return making it easier for companies to report and comply for VAT. This change is especially significant for SMEs which might have a harder time complying with VAT than larger companies due to less resources.

The VAT Return period has been relaxed and the FTA has provided the first VAT return period from January 1st up to May 31st and after that the filing returns will be made quarterly. The first return will need to be filed on or before June 28th and later returns from June 1st up to August 31st, September 1st up to November 30th etc.

However, the VAT return dates haven’t been changed the same way for all companies and some businesses were given a month while some have been given 5 months. This change has been made to ensure easier VAT implementation and compliance from businesses.

The first tax return filing period for companies with more than 150 million Dirhams turnover used to be one month and for others it was quarterly. Now, companies can file their first tax returns in accordance with the new timelines which can be found on the FTA dashboard after login. The VAT return date extension has been granted to most SMEs with the intention of aiding them comply with VAT more easily.