Pre-audit Services

Pre-audit services serve to make sure the company's financial administration is ready for any potential audits which the FTA might undertake.

    We understand what potential auditors need and how to provide it to them. Delegating the pre-audit process can promote timeliness and regulatory compliance, reduce the add-ons that drive up pre-audit costs, and ease the distractions and extra work for you and your staff. During a pre-audit, the entity’s financial documents are examined to ensure that all information is correct before the entity undergoes an official audit. By providing reconciled general ledger accounts and a clear audit trail, an efficient pre-audit facilitates a smoother, quicker, less disruptive and less expensive audit process.

    Our experts will support you in your preparations and take the responsibility of making sure you have the correct documents on time. These include:

    • a draft set of annual accounts;
    • a closed set of financial accounts with a clearly-stated balance sheet;
    • a calculation of the company’s VAT and Excise tax position(s);
    • additional specifications of the items on the balance sheet and the profit and loss account;
    • elaboration of the external reporting guidelines in relation to specific items in the annual accounts.


    Benefits of our pre-audit services

    • No surprises during the auditing of the annual accounts, as the auditor’s file will have been prepared in the most effective possible way. Before the start of the audit, our professionals will hold a discussion with your external accountant in order to resolve any issues relating to complex items in the annual accounts.
    • Doing away with the peaks in the workload experienced by the staff in your financial administration or internal accounting service, but also in financial management. We take responsibility for coordination, implementation and delivery.
    • A draft set of annual accounts, compliant with current regulations for external reporting.
    • Short processing times for all tasks.
    • Our tax specialists can calculate or assess your tax position.
    • Assistance with the completion of reporting packages

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