VAT Return Filing

VAT Returns will need to be filed monthly/quarterly and they will either result in your business owing a credit or being due a refund from the FTA depending on the Input and Output VAT incurred. TAXHELP Experts can help you implement the best business processes for optimizing your VAT Returns.

    Return Filing Process


    Once registered for VAT in a UAE, you will be required to file periodic statutory declarations. In particular, a VAT return will need to be filed, which is a summary all the taxable transactions that your business made in that specific period.

    Every VAT return is different and will have different information requirements and reporting formats. In all cases, you must declare the VAT that you have charged on sales (output VAT) and you are allowed to claim back the VAT you have paid out (input VAT), subject to your taxable activity.

    Depending on transactions types and values, your business may have to pay over the VAT surplus to the local tax authorities, or will be eligible to make a claim for a refund. VAT Return Filing will be done online and only in very limited circumstances (at the discretion of the FTA) on paper. Deadline for submission is 28 days from the end of the tax period, unless it’s a weekend or a national holiday, in which case it’s due on the first business day after that.

    Our professional VAT tax consultants are just one click away and eager to help you take off the burden of having to keep track of the timeframe specified so you can focus on growing your business.

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