VAT GIBAN payment

What is GIBAN and how does it make paying VAT and Excise Tax easier?

In a step to facilitate paying due tax, the FTA is introducing a new method of paying due tax as follows:

  • A GIBAN is a unique IBAN number that is given to every taxable person
  • A taxable person can make a fund transfer from certain UAE financial institutions using the GIBAN provided by the FTA
  • This payment method can be used for settling any outstanding VAT and Excise Tax amounts payable, including tax and penalties
  • This option should not be used for other payments such as Miscellaneous Payments

To pay the amount due using GIBAN, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to FTA e-Services portal and obtain your GIBAN from the dashboard. You will have different GIBANs for VAT and Excise Tax.
  2. If using online banking to make the transfer of funds, log in to your bank account and add FTA as a beneficiary using the GIBAN number and FTA details. Note that you can also use GIBAN with other banking channels too (for example visiting your local branch).
  3. Go to fund transfer / domestic transfer section of your online banking portal (this name may differ based on your bank account page).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay and proceed with the payment.
  5. GIBAN will be validated and the transaction will be processed accordingly.
  6. Once you complete the payment, login to e-Services and go to “My Payments” tab to check that the transaction has been reflected under the “Transaction History” box.

Notice: This can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on your account.

GIBAN payment option has been available since February 28th and using it can make the tax payment process significantly more convenient for you.